Hmgb1knock out and HMGB2 low content MEF with 3T3 method [HM-223]


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Hmgb1 knock out embryonic fibroblasts immortalized with the 3T3 method, low content of HMGB2 [HM-223]

HMGBiotech distributes the knockout cells generated by the laboratory of Prof. Marco E. Bianchi for research purposes. San Raffaele Research Institute remains the owner of the intellectual property associated to these cells, and requires anyone interested in acquiring them to sign an MTA.
Please send a mail to for MTA processing.
The cells are shipped in dry ice. Since they are living biological material, they will be checked at customs. Therefore, communication between HMGBiotech and the buyer is required to optimize the delivery.

This immortalized clone of Hmgb1-/- MEFs contains a reduced amount of HMGB2.
This clone was obtained from a cross of Hmgb1 heterozygotes on a pure BALB/c genetic background (>10 backcrosses), and grown according to the 3T3 protocol, which prescribes splitting 1:3 the growing cells every 3 days for 3 months.

We suggest to split the cells, by trypsinization, when they reach 80% confluence.
As wild type controls for these MEFs, we suggest to use the wild type HM-221 MEFs, that will be provided by default with this order.


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Hmgb1knock out and HMGB2 low content MEF with 3T3 method [HM-223]