HMGB1 and autophagy relationship in the pathogenesis of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder emerged as the third most significant health threat to humans, trailing behind cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A recent study in the journal Frontiers underscores the association between HMGB1 and autophagy in the progression and complications of diabetes mellitus.

Specifically, HMGB1 plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of diabetes, with elevated HMGB1 levels observed in both diabetic patients and animal models. This protein assumes a pivotal function in the initiation of autophagy and can activate autophagy through various mechanisms. Several studies suggest that HMGB1 may regulate the onset of cellular autophagy and impact apoptosis. HMGB1 plays a central role in the management of insulin resistance and the advancement of diabetes.

Understanding the intricate interplay between HMGB1 and autophagy unveils new avenues for innovative therapeutic approaches to treat diabetes and its associated complications.
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