HMGB1: an essential regulator in the interplay between Autophagy and Apoptosis in Cancer Therapy

On the just occurred World Cancer Day 2024 researchers have pointed out the need to get more information on different types of cancer, risk factors and key issues around cancer care.
Understanding the mechanisms that drive cell survival and death is crucial: a standout actor in this intricate balance is High-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1).

Recent insights reveal HMGB1’s central function in regulating the interplay between autophagy and apoptosis, processes essential for maintaining cellular homeostasis and determining the fate of cancer cells.
This protein’s ability to direct the balance between autophagy and apoptosis highlights its potential as a biomarker and therapeutic target.
HMGB1’s role extends across molecular, cellular, and systemic levels, underscoring its importance in the autophagic degradation and apoptotic death pathways. Its influence on autophagy and apoptosis is modulated by its subcellular localization, oxidative state, and interactions with various binding partners. These attributes not only mark HMGB1 as a candidate for prognostic and predictive significance in cancer but also call for interdisciplinary collaboration to harness its therapeutic potential fully.

As we delve into the structure and function of HMGB1, we uncover its intricate involvement in tumorigenesis and cancer therapy. From influencing cell differentiation and migration to playing a critical role in inflammation and tumor progression, HMGB1’s regulatory capacity is vast. Particularly, its modulation of autophagy and apoptosis through various mechanisms—including redox status and receptor interactions—makes it a compelling target for cancer treatment strategies.

As the biomedical community continues to explore HMGB1’s role, the potential for developing more effective cancer treatments becomes increasingly apparent. Understanding HMGB1’s dual regulatory function could lead to breakthroughs in targeted therapy, ultimately improving patient outcomes in the battle against cancer.

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